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VEROXIL - 250 ML "VEROZIL LIQUID for those who prefer it this way" F I G H T I N G T H E P A N D E M I C Click here
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Multi - level Marketing is not a Ponzi scheme but a business platform that deploys the network marketing strategy to achieve the goal of moving products and services from its base to its customers . MLM i s an excellent way to start up a part time business . Usually members are rewarded based on the sales volume made by them and their members . Recruiting members also earn commission from recruiting other members . Despite the devastating economic situation globally, so much can be done to better our lives . One of such is the robust financial freedom journey Organic Remedies being the first indigenous organicherbal healthcare MLM firm from Nigeria is offering. Other rationale behind this are: • Reduction of Youth s ’ dependence on Government, Parents and the society• F...