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Binary Plan

Other than income from the Multi stage/Revolving matrix plan, our members will also earn money from the Company Binary Matrix with powerful bonus plan such as binary point, bonus pool, rank bonus, level commissions and many others.

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Multi - level Marketing is not a Ponzi scheme but a business platform that deploys the network marketing strategy to achieve the goal of moving products and services from its base to its customers . MLM i s an excellent way to start up a part time business . Usually members are rewarded based on the sales volume made by them and their members . Recruiting members also earn commission from recruiting other members . Despite the devastating economic situation globally, so much can be done to better our lives . One of such is the robust financial freedom journey Organic Remedies being the first indigenous organicherbal healthcare MLM firm from Nigeria is offering. Other rationale behind this are: • Reduction of Youth s ’ dependence on Government, Parents and the society• F...